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Ubuntu Scorpion Fire Security cc has been in operation from the beginning of 1985 and is a financially sound corporation with 31 years of experience in the field. We are totally confident that you will find us extremely willing to accommodate you every safety need.

Our company is proud to be a Level 1 BEE Contributor. 

For more information on our BEE accreditation please feel free to contact us or you may refer to the National BEE-codes as per Government Gazette No. 36928 dated 11 October 2013.

We are members of the Fire Protection Association of SA and all our service technicians have completed the Fire Protection Association course on servicing and maintenance of fire fighting equipment.


The FPASA was established in 1973 to provide a specialized fire safety management, technical and training service to industry, commerce, insurers, institutions, local authorities and society at large. 

Fire Protection Association of SA Certificates:

All our technicians are SAQCC (South African Qualification & Certification Committee) qualified which is a requirement by the labour department and the SABS.


The South African Qualification & Certification Committee (SAQCC) Fire is an industry-elected body, established to ensure that servicing and maintenance of fire protection equipment is conducted according to the specifications laid out in SANS 1475 and, more importantly, that technicians have the correct training, qualifications and experience. 

   S.A.Q.C.C Reg numbers: 

  • Eric Shidumu - 01/294
  • Whayne Schoeman - 0914
  • Thomas Mofokeng - 12/027
  • Caid Schoeman - 13/031
  • Marthinus Clark - 14/160

We are members of the SABS and are permit holders of the SABS DIAMOND MARK 1475. Please click here for our permit - permit number is 5574/8153, which we received on the 19th of May 1997.

International Institution of Fire Engineers Qualifications:

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