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Fire Equipment Solutions since 1985

About Scorpion Fire Security CC

Scorpion Fire Security cc. has been operational since 1985 and has a financially sound structure, which enables us to carry out efficient scheduled maintenance procedures with appropriate

    • As a member of the Fire Protection Association of SA, all our service technicians have completed the necessary FPA courses on the servicing and maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment which is a requirement by SANS.
    • We respectfully point out to you that Scorpion Fire Security cc. is an SABS listed supplier with certification in SABS DIAMOND MARK – 1475
    • Our permit number is 5574/8153, which we successfully obtained on 19 May 1997
    • Three of our staff members are fully qualified SAQCC service personnel with experience ranging from 32 years – our personnel are among the most qualified in the fire industry and have been in the employ of Scorpion Fire Security cc. for many years

Fire Protection Association of SA Certificates:

All our technicians are SAQCC (South African Qualification & Certification Committee) qualified which is a requirement by the labour department and the SABS.

The South African Qualification & Certification Committee (SAQCC) Fire is an industry-elected body, established to ensure that servicing and maintenance of fire protection equipment is conducted according to the specifications laid out in SANS 1475 and, more importantly, that technicians have the correct training, qualifications and experience.


S.A.Q.C.C Reg numbers: 

  • Eric Shidumu – 01/294
  • Whayne Schoeman – 0914
  • Thomas Mofokeng – 12/027
  • Caid Schoeman – 13/031
  • Marthinus Clark – 14/160


We are members of the SABS and are permit holders of the SABS DIAMOND MARK 1475. Please click here for our permit – permit number is 5574/8153, which we received on the 19th of May 1997.


International Institution of Fire Engineers Qualifications:

We offer a complete package which includes

    • Supply and servicing of extinguishers, hose reels & hydrants
    • Fire extinguisher demonstrations
    • Pressure testing and recharging
    • Emergency safety signs
    • Numbering and registration systems
    • Loss control surveys
    • Assistance with the South African National Standards SANS 1475 part 1 and part 2,
    • SANS 1567,
    • Building Regulations,
    • Occupational and Health Regulations

We also offer:

  • Supply and installation of all signage
  • Chevron boards
  • Demarcations & any related custom designed signs
  • Supply & installation of fire extinguisher cabinets
  • Fire hose & hydrant cabinets and if required, the installation of piping for the hose reels
  • Fire evacuation training without certification
  • Drawing up, framing & installing of map/floor plans of all positioned fire fighting equipment and emergency exits – which is required by law and assists staff members and visitors on how to safely exit the premises when an emergency arises
  • Supplying and strategically installing of super sound alarms to notify staff and visitors of an emergency
  • Risk assessment surveys can also be arranged with a qualified fire consultant at an additional cost
  • We also supply first aid equipment and can arrange first aid courses through a certified training centre
  • On site fire demonstrations with no certification, alternate arrangements can be made for a more intense fire-fighting course through a certified training centre

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Certified members of the Fire Protection
Association of SA.

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